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I'm Jenny. An Art Director by trade and Creative Director by experience. I am a seasoned creative proficient in branding, advertising, marketing, and digital experiences.
Working at a variety of advertising agencies large and small and a pretty huge non-profit, I have soaked up every experience and grabbed every opportunity to work on all media and all brands, creating cross-channel experiences audiences seek out.
Together, we can create a conversation that will continue well past your media plan.

So what do ya say? Wanna go for big, crazy, long lines, up-all-night kinda brand love?

let's work together

I am here and ready to help create a killer brand, creative campaign, website, or digital executions that will cut through the clutter.

A big believer in the Idea and
the power of a smart, 
well executed campaign.
A passion for bringing brands to life in a compelling and relevant manner, creating a tight bond with their audience.
A digital native with a mad understanding of UX, UI, digital media and platforms.